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Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice Tokyo Joypolis ‘E3 Trailer’ and New Cutscene Revealed

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Sonic Toon: Fire & Ice gets a new cutscene video in Japanese language.

Sonic 25th Anniversary

This morning the 25th anniversary party was held in Joypolis, for the Japanese public. In it although we knew that there would be major announcements regarding new games, we have been able to enjoy some other piece of information exclusively.

Among the main innovations is the latest trailer of Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, which hit Japan a month before the rest of the territories. In it we see new fragments of gameplay, animations in pair, took a look at some new boss, and as mentioned earlier, enjoyed a new cutscene with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles observing D-fekt, the main antagonist of the game.

For several months we know that SEGA is working on two new games of Sonic. A new Sonic for which we dont have any details and Sonic Boom Fire & Ice. Now, the head of Sonic Team has confirmed that the new Sonic the Hedegehog would be launched in 2017.

The special event for the 25th birthday of Sonic the Hedegehog took place at the House of Blues in San Diego and will coincide with Comic-Con so. We remind you that since 2013 there is a film developing on hedgehog.

Remember that Sonic Boom Fire & Ice will be available in the West on September 27.

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