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Sonic The Hedgehog’s New Racing Game Teased

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To close the Sonic panel at SXSW Gaming, SEGA confirmed what several rumors had been already shown: Sonic will be the star of a new racing game.

The revelation was made by means of a teaser in which we see parts of a car and later we hear how it lights up. In the end, the silhouette of the logo of the game appears while engines that are ready to start sound. While at no time the blue Hedgehog appears, the game was announced at a franchise event, so there is no doubt that it is related to the blue hedgehog.

Something that caught our attention is that the only thing we can see from the logo of the game is the letter R, which has the same typography as the Sonic R logo, a racing game that arrived in 1997 at SEGA Saturn. However, the panel made clear that it is not a sequel to a previous title, so we can rule that it is a new Sonic R.

Unfortunately, this is the only information we have about the project and we will have to wait longer to discover what SEGA is preparing. We will inform you when there is more information on the subject.

We tell you that in this panel was also announced the launch of Sonic Mania Plus, the physical version of the title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition, SEGA confirmed a collaboration with PUMA, a popular sportswear brand. Also, a new animated series of the blue hedgehog was revealed.

Check the teaser below:

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