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Sonic Generations – Shia LaBeouf DLC Trailer

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Looks like Sega is in mood of playing with internet meme. To promote its upcoming DLC of Sonic Generation, Sega has added Shia LaBeouf in the picture. And that was hilarious. Recently Shia LaBeouf released an inspiring video to motivate others. But that fell back in a reversed manner. The video went viral, and Shia LaBeouf meme was shared a lot of time and used by different websites. But this is beneficial to Sonic Generation upcoming DLC where, Sega added Shia LaBeouf in the picture that motivates Sonic to deal with Doctor Eggmans. And that worked finally.

Sonic Generations Shia LaBeouf DLC Pics
Sonic Generations Shia LaBeouf DLC Pics

This would be the first time, Shia LaBeouf’s motivation speech boosted someone to stand back and fight. This is just a spoiler, or some kind of a funny video and the actual DLC trailer might be different. But it would add a kind of different twist even if the DLC in between Shia LaBeouf hijacks your screen and motivates you. This is not the first time a game development company is using actual celebrity in the game videos, this has been done before also. But I think this one is the funniest part where you will be shocked to find Shia LaBeouf. This is a kind of good start for the DLC. Let’s wait back and see what the actual version is finally going to have in it. The game is impressive and after a long time we found new DLC for the same.

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