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Some pointers to recovering from spine surgery in a week

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Enduring back surgery is no joke. Pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery are three vital stages filled with anxiety and tension. Although you have to monitor your surgery in the pre-surgery and surgery stage, the area where you will feel overwhelmed is post-surgery recovery. Back pain is a severe problem-affecting individual worldwide. People are thereby turning to surgery for relief. Till 2007, there has been a steady increase in the number of adults going for back pain surgery. It has increased by around 64%.   visit here

On the other hand, many people going for post-surgery treatment are also mounting. Remember that the recovery time of these surgeries varies from one individual to the other. Physical condition, activity level, and other factors play an essential role. If you are one of them, you must take the following points seriously. 

  • Recovery time

The recovery time for back surgery varies from one person to the other. It depends on the surgical procedure, as recovery after discectomy takes six to eight weeks. If you go by survey results, you will see that physical therapy from board-certified doctors is a part of the post-recovery stage. If you are not serious about these therapies, the problem might bounce back. 

These processes are effective and help your body get back on track. In the case of spinal fusion, you may require 4 to 6 weeks to get back to your typical life. However, things might get complex if you are not serious about your regular exercise and diet. The severity of the condition, age, and fitness level are significant factors here. If you want to ensure that the healing time reduces, you must be cautious of your activity level.

  • Activity precautions

Irrespective of the type of back surgery you underwent, you must be cautious about avoiding bending, twisting, and lifting. When you bend through the waist, lift heavy items, and turn the torso, it burdens the vulnerable spine. Hence, you must avoid lifting, bending, and twisting, because it slows your recovery process. 

As per, you have to engage in regular physical activity that will boost your physical strength and help you get back on track. You can spend your time doing light exercises and engaging in reading. Irrespective of what you are doing, you have to keep the spinal cord straight. Remember that it must be neutral, or it will put undue pressure on your back. 

  • Physical therapy

As already mentioned, physical therapy plays a vital role in the recovery procedure. If you want to ensure easy recovery and quick action, you must prioritize physical therapy. Various medical practitioners can help you with specific treatments that work wonders on your body. You have to get in touch with skilled individuals who can figure out the best plan suitable for your body.  

When preparing to get back to ordinary life, you must make similar efforts. When you are a patient, you cannot heal if you do not stay disciplined. You must facilitate recovery by bringing changes in your diet and activity level. When you visit active, adhere to precautions and work with a physical therapist. This way, it is easier to get back to ordinary life.