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SOCOM for PS4 Reportedly in the Works, According to Insider

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SOCOM is once again the protagonist of a new rumor based on what was reported by the insider Tidux, who is supporting the fact that a new chapter is currently under development.

The insider Tidux is rather well known in the video game industry, although his anticipations have had varying results over time, but it is still worth reporting the last “tip” of the character in question, concerning the return of SOCOM, perhaps for PS4.

The tactical shooter of Sony has virtually disappeared from the radar for years, but periodically reappears in the rumors. The latter reports, according to Tidux’s message, that an unidentified PlayStation team is in the early stages of developing a new chapter of SOCOM, which apparently would be “an tactical online shooter, such as Rainbow Six”, description it can actually be applied to the series in question.

Other sources invite you to take the information with caution, because there are no actual findings at the moment. However, some clues could be found in the recent recruitment of the director of Rainbow Six: Siege, Simon Larouche, and in the will of Sony to engage more on multiplayer titles. We await any further developments on the matter.

Latest rumor, PlayStation are in a early stage of developing the next SOCOM game. #PS4Pro #PS4— Tidux (@Tidux) January 1, 2019

By the sound of it it’s a tactical online shooter, like R6— Tidux (@Tidux) January 1, 2019

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