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SNK could be working on Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2 – Rumor

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The King of Fighters XIV is the latest installment of SNK, which is now available on both PC and PS4. However, it seems that the company would be working on another title called Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2, the first part of the game that was released in 2002 on PS2 and Xbox 360.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum was a 2 vs 2 game featuring characters from various SNK franchises including The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Aggressor of Dark Combat or World Heroes.

The rumor has surfaced on a Japanese website which states that the graphics will be similar to those of Guilty Gear Xrd. As for the story, SNK is trying to create a coherent one. In the case, a mysterious character is trying to unite all the powers of the characters of SNK and, because of this, they will unite against this unknown force.

The alleged leak also mentions that certain characters will become the midst of battle. Examples given were Iori becoming Orochi Iori, Nakoruru as Rera and Geese as Nightmare Geese. The characters that would be confirmed for the game would be as follows:

Yuuki (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
Ai (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
Kyo (The King of Fighters)
Iori (The King of Fighters)
Terry (Fatal Fury)
Rock (Fatal Fury)
Andy (Fatal Fury)
Mai (Fatal Fury)
Geese (Fatal Fury)
Krauser (Fatal Fury)
Mr. Karate II (Art of Fighting)
Robert (Art of Fighting)
Mr. Big (Art of Fighting)
John Crawley (Art of Fighting)
Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)
Genjuro (Samurai Shodown)
Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown)
Rimururu (Samurai Shodown)
Kaede (The Last Blade)
Moriya (The Last Blade)
Marco (Metal Slug)
Fio (Metal Slug)
Fu’un (Savage Reign)
Sho Hayate (Savage Reign)
Kim Sue Il (Savage Reign)
Hanzo (World Heroes)
Fuuma Kotaro (World Heroes)
Ralf (Ikari Warriors)
Clark (Ikari Warriors)
Athena (Psycho Soldier)
Kensou (Psycho Soldier)
Joe Kusanagi (Aggressors of Dark Kombat)
Kisarah Westfield (Aggressors of Dark Kombat)

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In addition to the characters above, the rumor lists unpublished characters as bosses and sub-bosses.

While SNK makes some official statement about it or not, players can still enjoy their latest released title called The King of Fighters XIV.