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SNES Classic Edition Already Sold 4 Million Units

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As happened recently, Nintendo decided to take the world by surprise and announce its plans for 2018. A few moments ago, the experience of Mario Kart for mobile phones, the official launch window of Nintendo Switch Online and the official details about the movie animation of Super Mario Bros was presented. Now it’s time for the mini consoles of the Japanese company.

As part of its recent financial report and the respective official statement, Nintendo revealed that SNES Classic Edition, in its versions for the markets of Japan, America, and Europe, already sold 4 million units after its debut in September of last year.

Previously, in October of 2017, it was reported that the Nintendo mini console had reached 2 million units sold. However, the best news for all players and fans of the Japanese company, is that given the response of the public for the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition, they have decided to maintain the production and sale of these throughout 2018 and now considered as a viable option to introduce the public to the Nintendo universe.

At the same time, the Japanese company considered that the interest that there is for the mini consoles is an excellent opportunity to present its hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, to a new spectrum of potential players who left the activity a long time ago.

In this way, Nintendo has succeeded in ensuring that its mini consoles offer reaches as many players as possible and integrating them as part of the company’s current line of products that, hopefully, we could easily acquire.

How do you like the sales performance of SNES Classic Edition? Will you buy some of the Nintendo mini consoles? Tell us in the comments below.