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Smite: Battleground of the Gods officially confirmed for PS4

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Smite has been officially confirmed for PlayStation 4 version after in recent times its existence again that had leaked by a rating agency by age, as you can see in the website of PEGI.

Smite Battleground of the Gods Screenshot

The popular MOBA in the third person view will have its own beta on PlayStation 4. Users who want to take sides in the same can register by following this link. On the occasion of the arrival of Smite on PlayStation 4, this edition will be having exclusive skins. The skin ‘World’s Collide’ for Odin will unlock linking accounts between PS4 and PC with Hi-Rez. PS Plus users (service will not need to play this game) will also receive the skin of ‘KuKu4’ for Kulkulkan.

The game will keep its status as free-to-play with micro-transactions to unlock bonus material and includes five gods: Ymir, Thor, Guan Yu, Ra and Neith. The players can acquire the well known “Founders Pack” priced at $30. Plus access to all current and future gods including 400 gems and two skins for Ares (‘Soldier of Fortune’) and Ymir (‘C4codemon’). This is a pack that is available for Limited Time to help test the game in the alpha or beta version and will be removed when the official launch is going to occur.

With more than 14 million active users playing on PC versions (released in 2013) and Xbox One (adapted in 2015), Smite is supposed to be a free game that reaches greater magnitude than PS4 coupled with the recent World of Tanks. In the FAQ of the PS4 version, the study counters that “while it is technically possible, the cross platform game is not in our current plans”.

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Also, watch the PS4 gameplay trailer of SMITE: Battleground of the Gods below: