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Slowly Video Games are getting Console Exclusive

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There was a time; I remember when having a gaming machine was like spending fortune. It was honor among friends to show off what beast you own. When I started my work, I was only aware that there is a PC. And this PC can do anything. But later when I expanded more in computer hardware, then I realize how important it was to differentiate between a regular pc and gaming one. But now situation is slowly changing.  I had seen that game developer love console lot more than PC. One of the biggest reasons is piracy. PC version games are very easy to modify and released instantly when official game is out for sale. But consoles are hard to crack. There are ample of huge game titles, released last year and some coming this year are console exclusive. Don’t you think that within couple of years or even after more years PC gaming will diminish badly. This is possible if Console Upgrade’s is introduced. Today we if talk about adding new hardware in Console then we have choices for Hard Drive, Game Controllers, etc. But we cannot upgrade the processor, motherboard and graphics. In future if console manufacturer’s like Microsoft or Sony introduce a new scheme to upgrade Console hardware then I do think that is going to put a huge impact on PC gaming.

Extreme users or game lovers choose gaming pc due to customization. They love to build that beast with their own hands and they madly spend over the hardware. It’s the taste they like that is not possible in console. Console does not give much freedom, rather it is a package. After some years the package gets old and new one is introduced. I had seen many people blindly go with console, as they have to use very less mind in operating that. But if you are having a gaming pc then there is not really a limit of performance you can get unless you spend heavily on the same. Factors do affect both the positive and negative aspect of buying consoles. But if think from the convenience part , Console’s still are the best to use.