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Slot Machine Tips & Tricks to Win

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Everyone dreams of snagging that jackpot from the slots. The inordinate amount of time that seems to be just a few minutes and the endless near misses seem to be all worth it if you could just win at Slot Machine it all that one time.

Trying out your luck to win at Slot Machine may seem like an exercise in futility sometimes, and you may keep on telling yourself to stop hoping too much, and that it’s impossible to win that jackpot, and that the odds are stacked against you. But something just keeps on drawing you back. The six-digit jackpot is just too hard to resist, and that is totally understandable.

The things you tell yourself to help you stay away from the slots may make sense sometimes, and in fact might even appear to be the rational choice, but what if I told you that there’s a way to actually gain an edge against slot machines?

It might seem unrealistic, and the mathematics behind slot machines might intuitively lead you to believe that it’s impossible to be a winning player. It’s not like poker or even blackjack where your decision making can give you an edge. Slot machines essentially rely on just pure chance and luck. However, there is a way to make the most and lose the least when playing slot machines, and these tips will help you save your money and keep you in the running for that elusive jackpot for much longer. Remember that in gambling, money saved is money won. 

Choose games based on your personal goals and playing style

The variety of slot machine games aren’t just for aesthetics. Each slot game may differ in the denominations of your bets and pay differently as well. Some slot machines may forego the small winnings and limit payouts to massive jackpots or other similar and relatively improbable results. On the other hand, there are slots that pay for what appears like almost half the time but the payouts are low and so is the jackpot.


If you’re just looking for money to burn and hoping for a miracle, and are playing almost purely just for fun, it would probably be best for you to play in the first type of slot machines where thrills are abundant in every spin. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make a profit no matter how small it is and you’re the type of person who will definitely not go home empty handed, it’s better to try out your luck in the low but more frequently paying slot machines. 

Familiarize yourself with the pay table 

When you’re playing at the slot machines, it’s important to know how to win, and when you’re actually winning. Different games have different pay tables and corresponding payouts, and this should be a crucial part in deciding which game to play and how long you’re going to play it. Furthermore, studying the pay tables is essential so you know when to get excited and when to call it a day. You wouldn’t want to be just mindlessly spinning and not knowing whether you’re winning or not. 

Manage your budget well

The quickest way to lose in the slots is by not being mindful of your budget. You should always remember that you are gambling, but that doesn’t mean that you should just mindlessly spew away the money you’ve worked hard for. 

For a more enjoyable experience at the slots, it’s natural that you want to last as long as possible, unless you’ve already won the jackpot, of course. But winning the jackpot is bound to take a multitude of attempts. If you’re not managing your budget well, it wouldn’t take long until you’re on your way home empty handed. Proper bankroll management is key if you want to give yourself an edge in gambling. 

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Be decisive with denominations 

With the multiple options right in front of you, it’s tempting to try each and every one of them, and to spend your money sporadically. But that’s not how you give yourself a chance to win at Slot Machine. Sure, betting a dollar on this slot and then five on the other is fine if you’re simply playing for fun and if you have no problem with losing everything you’ve bet, but part of managing your budget is being decisive with the denominations you play.

The denomination you decide to play in is highly dependent on the budget you walk in with. Naturally, you shouldn’t be spending ten dollars per spin if you only have a hundred dollars in your pocket. Pick a denomination that will allow you a sustainable number of attempts so that you have more chances of winning. 

Don’t go too crazy with progressive slots

The payouts on progressive slot machines can get pretty crazy, and the obscene amount in the jackpot is usually definitely life-changing, but don’t be blinded by the numbers you see. There’s a reason why the jackpot is that high, and that’s because people consistently lose. It’s alright to try your luck sometimes, but don’t get fixated and be realistic.