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Sleeping Dogs 2 was in development but now eventually cancelled


According to some reports, Sleeping Dogs 2 was planned to be a sequel with big ambitions, however, we must remember that the studio commissioned for this title, United Front Games, was closed in October this year, so you will probably never see it.


In accordance with the media Waypoint, a document of production indicates that Sleeping Dogs 2 would return to the main character of the first game, Wei Shen, this time in a stage inspired by Pearl River Delta, city of China.

In addition, Wei Shen would have a corrupt partner with the name of Henry Fang, so the action would take place from both points of view and history that is revealed through these two perspectives. Also, Sleeping Dogs 2 would have cooperative play and a complementary application that would influence the main title, to ask for helicopters and other vehicles.

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However, the most ambitious part of the game was that United Front Games wanted to use the saved games in the cloud for all users to determine overall levels of crime in neighborhoods and therefore assign the difficulty of police in neighborhoods to the world of each player. On this last point, there is no more information, so we do not know how it would work.

It is necessary to make clear that these ideas belong to pre-game document, so maybe some would not reach the final version. What is a fact is that we’ll never know, because in addition to the closure of United Front Games, Sleeping Dogs 2 never went into full production.

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If you never played the original Sleeping Dogs, in December you could have a chance, because Xbox announced that the title will form part of the Games with Gold, that is, the Xbox LIVE Gold users can download the title without cost.

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