Sledgehammer Games: New Call of Duty 2017 will make you “gonna go nuts”

Glen Schofield (co-founder and director of Sledgehammer Games) has published some tweets related to the next episode of Call of Duty, reiterating how he can not say absolutely nothing about the game until the official reveal.

When asked on Twitter about the new game, the head of Sledgehammer Games has said that in his opinion this will be the best Call of Duty 2017 of all time, and prepare for a reveal that will actually make you “gonna go nuts”.

These are the words of Schofield “There’s nothing I can say about the game except there are boots and ground and I guess some roots. I hope I can talk soon or I may implode. Nothing to worry about. Wait until we reveal. You’re gonna go nuts. Our best yet dude! Man, I’m so psyched to show it…someday. I just make the game. Actually I was in a meeting and just when they said the date, I sneezed. Didn’t hear it.”

The CEO of Activision spoke briefly of Call of Duty in 2017 revealing that the game will present a good balance between innovation and tradition, as well as “traditional combat” without revealing other details, however.