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Sledgehammer Wanted To Develop COD Advanced Warfare 2 Instead of Wold War 2

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In an interview with NewsWeek, Activision’s CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed a curious backdrop on Call of Duty World War 2 development. So we discover that initially, the Sledgehammer Games development team wanted to work on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 and not the unpublished episode of COD World War 2.

The publisher listened carefully to community feedback after the launch of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare and deciding to opt for a return to the past in the new chapter of the saga.

“We knew they would become historians, that they would tackle it with authenticity, give it tremendous care and we also knew they would capture the unspeakable scale of World War 2,” Hirshberg said in the interview.

“What I love about this game is that anyone’s who’s looking forward to going back to the roots, the gritty, human-scale, boots-on-the-ground, militaristic, authentic experience that Call Of Duty is known for, this game delivers it in a big way,” he further stated.

Hence, they made the decision to entrust Call of Duty World War 2 to Sledgehammer Games, a correct insight, considering that the game has raised $500 million at the launch weekend only, attracting considerable audience and criticism.

The next Call of Duty episode will be developed by the Treyarch team, which is set to standby 2015, the launch year of the popular Call of Duty Black Ops 3.