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Skyforge Crucible of the Gods Update download available on August 11 2015

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Skyforge Crucible of the Gods update will be coming on August 11 that is going to bring a lot of fixes and enhancements in this game. Crucible of the Gods is a kind of massive update that will be adding a lot of new stuff and fixes.

Skyforge Crucible of the Gods Update Images
Skyforge Crucible of the Gods Update Images

Skyforge is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that came out in July 16, 2015 on Windows platform. Crucible of the Gods would be one of the biggest update for the game. The update simply emphasizes more on adding new things that would let higher level players to explore more in the game. The update is going to add new dungeons and raids in the game. So that it will let players to go more beyond what they had already accomplished. This will be only possible if the players are having a new Divine Form in the game.

This is a kind of mode that lets the players to get better control over the game. This thing was revealed with the launch of the game but yet it is not added and now the new patch will add this. Once the form is activated you get better powers over others. You can simply use special resources and get better customization with the same. So this is quite a required thing. Below are other new things in the patch:

  1. Divine Form: Certain heroic deeds are beyond the abilities of both mortals and immortals alike. For these activities, you will need to ascend to your rightful place as a God and progress through the newly unlocked Divine Atlas. Players will need to complete the “New God” Storyline quest which becomes available at ~30,500 Prestige to unlock access to the Divine Form.
  2. Distortions: Using their special dedicated analyzer, Pantheons can mark spatial distortions on the tactical globe of the divine observatory, allowing a group of ten players from their Pantheon to instantly teleport to the enemy’s lair. They will be faced with four powerful opponents, one after another, in an ancient arena. As a reward for their triumphant victory, these groups receive unique Epic weapons, other valuable trophies, and also advance towards the next stages of their character’s divine form. You can discover more about distortions here.
  3. Invasions: While Pantheons seek out hidden hostiles in Distortions, the enemies of Aelion prepare their own invasions! Every able-bodied defender will now be involved in keeping the ruthless Invaders at bay as invasions are large scale events that affect all players. Successfully battling through each stage of the invasions will allow significant progress to be made through the Divine Atlas due to rewards and bonuses which are not counted towards the weekly limits.
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Checkout Crucible of the Gods Update in more details here.