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Skincare in spring

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Every season of the year, the skin needs special care, and spring is no exception. When nature awakens, external factors and the needs of the organism change. There is a need for a significant number of vitamins and special protection. Skincare in spring

Skincare in the spring should be aimed at general recovery, replenishment of nutrients, and moisture. Of course, the use of dermal fillers improves the appearance, but in addition to such procedures, you need to help the skin with other methods. Accordingly, the products that were used in the winter should be replaced with analogs with a more suitable texture, composition, and formula. With proper spring face care, age spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections will not occur. It will be possible to suspend the natural aging process and see the desired reflection in the mirror.


Cleansing – only complex and delicate

Facial care in the spring, as in other seasons, should be phased. Always start with a cleansing that aims to remove make-up, impurities, and sebum. In the spring, cosmetologists recommend using soft, delicate products with the function of maintaining a pH balance, but they do not advise washing with aggressive compounds that dehydrate. Their main features are that they easily penetrate into the pores and do not leave a greasy sheen.

Spring skincare should start with:

  • make-up remover;
  • washing;
  • toning.

It’s good if these are 2-3 products and not an analog of 3-in-1. For example, a two-phase make-up remover and a cleansing toner.

Important: the compositions that remove the remnants of decorative cosmetics should be washed off with warm water. This allows you to remove their active components and impurities, prepare the skin for applying the tonic, and increase its effectiveness.

Restoring water balance is important

Moisturizing is the next step after toning. In spring, the skin needs not only vitamins but also a significant amount of moisture. The frosts are replaced by strong winds, as a result of which the face begins to peel off. The consequences of this process are the appearance of new wrinkles and loss of tone. In order not to face the described problems, you need to take care of daily moisturizing.

Hyaluronic acid products such as creams and serums do an excellent job of saturating cells with moisture.

If there is very little time for face care in the spring, an express serum with hyaluronic acid will help out.

Useful: When choosing a moisturizing formula, pay attention to the mark “Neutral pH”. Such beauty products do an excellent job of restoring and increasing the protective function.

Replacing dense textures with light ones is the right decision

After studying the following information, it will become clear why “winter” creams are no longer relevant in the spring. Nutrient compositions are too heavy, they absolutely do not cope with the task of moisturizing. Spring care involves the use of light textures that are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy feeling. Beauticians recommend paying attention to:

  • fluids enriched with vitamins;
  • creams with antioxidants;
  • compositions with soothing and anti-inflammatory components.

The latter is a must-have for women with sensitive or dry skin types.

The selection of funds with an SPF filter is not a whim, but a necessity.

It is in the spring that freckles and age spots begin to appear, especially if there is a tendency to this. Only creams with sunscreen can prevent them. Many women start using them only with the advent of summer, making a big mistake because it is in the spring that the exposure to ultraviolet radiation increases, which leads to a change in skin color. Beauticians recommend that you definitely include creams with an SPF filter in your cosmetic bag. Ideal if you wear them all year round.