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Skateboarder Legend Keith Hufnagel Dies at 46 Due to Brain Cancer

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Skateboarder legend Keith Hufnagel dies at the age of 46 after fighting brain cancer for a long time. He is one of the most influential people in skateboarding and passed away too soon.

Skateboarder legend Keith Hufnagel dies due to brain cancer

Keith Hufnagel was fighting brain cancer for the last two and a half years. The man was born in New York City in 1974 and immensely impacted the East Coast skating scenario through the 90s. He wasn’t only a badass at the sport but was also the founder of the famous skate shop named HUF Worldwide.

The brand’s spokesperson told the media that Keith loved the entire culture around skateboarding and not just the sport itself. He inspired thousands of people who took an interest in the daring sport after watching him.

Keith was an immense support to people all around him. He could happily do anything for his family and friends. One thing that stood out about the man is how he wanted to see other people succeed. It was a unique quality that made everyone love him all the more. Hufnagel was not only the icon of the sport but also for his sneaker and streetwear styles.

The USA Skateboarding sent out a statement of the demise of the legend. They said that they’re devasted to know about the passing of the man. They also acknowledged his impact on skateboarding as a sport and a brand owner, designing, and friend. Keith is survived by his wife Mariellen Hufnagel, and kids.

Keith had once reported that he was happy to see his sportswear brand grow. HUF didn’t sacrifice the subcultural commitment as he had promised when he started, and the brand did well. He also said that he had big responsibilities when the brand went global and was catering to the world of skateboarders.