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Six Nations Tournament 2020: England Wins After Ireland Loses to France

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England secured victory in the Six Nations tournament 2020 after Ireland lost to France in the final match.

Eddie Jones’ England won a bonus point on Saturday in a game with Italy. The game was tense as it took a long wait to see the final game’s deciding results.

England had not won any tournament after 2017. The beat against France with 35-27 was the first of England’s since the extended three-year gap.

British could have lost the title Ireland could maintain the six points lead or over. Ireland was leading even at one point in time with 10-7. But with Ireland losing, England took the title.

The host country won in Paris. They required a bonus and a difference of 31 points minimum to win the Six Nations tournament.


Ireland lose the title by a massive points gap to England

England will get the trophy on Sunday after getting back home. After a week, they will be playing for the Autumn Nations Cup with Ireland, Wales, and Georgia.

Six Nations 2020 stopped in march due to the Covid-19 scenario worldwide. The delayed tournament ultimately brought fortune after the most extended wait for England.

England’s women team secured back to back grand slam win after winning the 2nd game against Italy on Sunday.

The path of wining for England

The Six Nations once looked hard for England even as the runner up in the World Cup. They did not have a good start in the opening match.

2 February:

England lost to France with 24-17 in Paris. They lost a bonus point there. That point played an integral part in their title catch.

8 February: England found luck beating Scotland with 13-6 even in bad weather. Ellis Henge regains the match, of course, with his try.

23 February: Ireland lost to the British. The score was 24-12.

7 March: Manu Tuilagi got a red card, but England won 33-30 against Wales with the triple crown.

Mohamed Haouas of France also got a red card in the first half itself. Scotland got the victory against France in Les Bleus’ Grand Slam.

31 October: England secured a bonus point beating Italy. Ben Youngs hit 100th cap twice.

Eddie Jones thanked England supporters for their throughout support

Eddie Jones, the England team coach, said that he was pleased and proud to se the team’s dynamic nature. He gave all the players and team staff credit for their constant determination to win the Six Nations 2020. The British coach thanked all the supporters even the stadiums had to be empty due to this pandemic. But they felt their good wishes.

The coach is hopeful to continue the winning spree of the team.

Owen Farrell believes England’s spirit to continue to maintain a winning spree

Owen Farrell, England’s Captain, said that Six Nations win was a serious milestone for the team, especially in this challenging time of Coronavirus devastation.

He added that the team put their hundred percent into the training to beat Italy. The hard work paid off at last.

The captain believes in the team and hopes to have more such achievements in the coming weeks. The British players wanted to bring smiles to every supporter as it is hard for everyone stuck in their homes. England looks forward to a great autumn season too.

Ben Young the Man of the match, and Jamie George hit 50 caps

Ben Youngs got man of the match with securing 100 caps. He is the second British player to score that since Jason Leonard. He made the country proud by scoring once in each half after the delayed Six Nations. Young had 99 caps before the tournament got stopped in march.

Ben got a golden cap, and the team presented him with an inscribed watch in the Stadio Olimpico dressing room.

The 31 years old England player said that the team’s gesture was surprising and touching. He thanked Eddie Jones and his Captain.

Magic happened with England in six Nations final day

Martin Johnson, the former British Captain, thought that France had played first-class rugby in the tournament. He is excited for the France and England game next year. Johnson reminded the team that their victory came with no competition but only for the poor playing in the first half in the Paris game.

Ugo Monye, former England wing, said that debutantes of England played exceptionally well. Ben’s scoring 100 caps and Jamie George with 50 caps was added high.

Ben Young’s poor club performance did not restrain him from reaching 100 caps in the Six Nations

He added that the tournament showed the poor club performance of Ben Youngs did not translate to his Six Nations’ performance. It is a fact to remember during the selection of the team.

Ben has performed well whenever he played for England. Now he is the second 100 cap achiever from England.