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Sites Scoring Cheap Textbooks

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As a college student, you need to find all possible ways to save your money. One of those ways is finding affordable sites for the things that you need in school. Since textbooks are essential for your academic success, you cannot go without them. 

Financial literacy is a very important aspect of surviving college. If you spend money without consideration of the days to come, you’ll have a very difficult and financially strained college life. Here are sites that score cheap textbooks that ensure you save a few bucks.



Topping our list is Chegg, which allows you to rent books for a while and then return them. If you prefer getting the information you need without necessarily owning the book, this is the site for you. 

This site is worth checking out because their rental prices are quite competitive. You’ll get what you need without digging too deep into your pockets. Renting books is an amazing idea because students tend to give away their books once they wrap up an academic year anyway. If you would love to provide a writing paper to your teacher it is possible to check the errors on the website to improve its by yourself, or you could get an essay assignment help from the experts.


  • Campus Book Rentals 


Judging from the name, this is another site that allows you to rent books. Campus Book Rentals is an effective platform that has a wide collection of all the books a college student would ever need. The site makes it easy for you to find the book you need because of their comprehensive catalog. 

If you’re worried about getting fined for wearing out your rented books, worry no more. Campus Book Rentals encourages to treat the books as if they were theirs. This allows you to have an amazing reading experience. 


  • Amazon 


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Amazon is a globally recognized retailer for everything on the face of this earth. If you want to own your books, you should consider buying them on amazon. This website has a very responsive search feature that ensures you get what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes. 

The best thing about Amazon is that it’s a selling platform that hosts different booksellers. This means that you can compare prices and arrive at the most affordable.  

You can even sell your used books on Amazon if you don’t see the need for owning the after the academic year is over. Did you know that with a student email, Amazon awards you free Amazon Prime membership for six months? Imagine all the benefits you’ll get without spending an extra buck!




If ever you need a well-reputed and reliable site to get your textbooks, is your go-to site. It has optimized every feature to ensure that you have a fast and seamless buying experience. 

The site gives you options for renting, buying end even selling textbooks.  


  • Better World Books 


Such an amazing name for a site that’s ells books. After all, knowledge makes the world a better place. If you want to be socially conscious, you should check out the great collection of books on this site. 

This is an eco-friendly site that ensures every book you purchase is a positive contribution to environmental conservation. This company helps you get used to books at a very affordable price. The company is known to fund different literacy projects across the United States as well. 

They understand that college life can be quite difficult. That is, they ensure that you can get books even when you’re on a budget. As you know, being in college without all necessary reading material is a recipe for failure. 


There are so many sites where students can get textbooks at an affordable price. Buying used books allows you to have access to the learning material you need without spending an arm and a leg. Make sure you only buy from well-reputed sites.