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Top 11 Megashare Alternative websites To Watch HD Movies and TV shows

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Megashare is extraordinary amongst mostly seen whenever you want to watch moving pictures. Nowadays everyone wants to watch online motion pictures for nothing and this site has a good collection of genres. Megashare enables you to watch every type of movie and whatever you want, this site is the house of safety that provides you with the best HD quality picture. 

The pleasure and happiness of watching free online movies can’t be explained in easy words when your search to watch free online movies reaches its goals. Before originating some free online sites you were ever wondering how to get the chance to watch online movies, tv shows and series without any charges.

 Meanwhile, some online websites were well paid like IFLIX and NETFLIX. When you are inexpert for the user of IFLIX and NETFLIX, you may get the chance to use these apps without any cost but only for the one month after that, you must pay for further use.

Hence, such websites enable you to watch movies at home, don’t rush to cinemas and to buy them at the movies store.

Nowadays there are many streaming websites where you can watch all types of movies, tv shows, series and clips without any paying single penny.

Here we go. A megashare shows you a free online website in this article that you will watch and send your feedback to us.


Sony crackle

Sony Crackle is a free streaming website that is totally free, there is no fee subscription is required. You may enjoy watching full-length movies. Crackle originates in 21 different countries in 3 languages; English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Sony Crackle is accessible on all connected devices mobiles, laptops,  streaming devices, tabs, smart tv Also available at hotel service chains and with flight entertainment, hence you will keep in touch whenever you want. 

The most noteworthy thing about this site is that it provides good prints and it works on multiple streaming platforms that is your first priority.

It has genres following; action, horror, sci-fi , comedy and crime. So you could watch whatever you want.

What We Like;

  1. Easily grasp
  2. Great feature
  3. large library
  4. good HD quality

What We Don’t Like;

  1. ads-supported 
  2. fast connection
  3. run choppy 


Putlocker is similar to megashare as it has been running for a long while. The website works on various hosting index websites. It enables you to watch a motion picture for nothing.

 Its contents may change when new contents will be introduced, so you will find new things on the same platform. This site ranking amongst the 250 top worldwide websites 150 top level in the united state, Now you have the best opportunity to watch free online full length.

Initially,putlocker receives huge traffic of about 800,000 visitors per day. This is the best website for you when you are craziest about watching motion pictures with HD quality.

What We Like;

  1. Other websites links
  2.  HD quality motion picture
  3. Contents updated 
  4.  Huge traffic

What We Don’t Like

  1. Only English language
  2.  Inaccessible


Vumoo is another website where you’re looking to watch online free movies like megashare. This site sort out motion pictures that are indicated by genres while consuming the fastest, strong internet connection you ever need.

You can stream out moving pictures like NETFLIX but for nothing. This offer could be very affordable for you if your budget is already limited.

This website works like a video search engine where you can easily download videos without adding any additional penny. Despite that, it is not legal but you can safely use this site.

Through this site, you can easily download stolen movies, videos and media.

What We Like;

  1. Free of cost app
  2.  safely use
  3. watch Offline 
  4.  Good prints

What We Don’t Like;

  1. Not legal site
  2. upload issue


Tubi is a 100% free website totally. It is a video streaming website but not like others, for example, NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON PRIME VIDEOS etc. It has the best feature is you can stream movies and tv shows on your phone, tabs, laptops and other devices without any charge.

 Only some ads you can watch while you are streaming movies and tv shows. This is a legal website. It doesn’t need to login watch movies. It is too pretty much easy to use.

Luckily, tubi is pretty everywhere wherever you want on multiple platforms and devices. You can easily watch via websites and devices.

Most importantly, it has a lot of free content available.

What We  Like;

  1. Free on cost 
  2. 100% legal
  3. Opened easily 
  4. updated regularly

What We Don’t Like;

  1. 100%  adds supported
  2. Doesn’t newcast
  3. Heavy internet


 Fmovies is a free online streaming website where you can get the chance to watch full on length movies and other shows. This site is ad containing but there are no broken links available. 

What’s more, It introduced a software through which you can get rid of all ads while watching shows by ad blocking software, so you will enjoy full shows without any ad.

FMovies is not much protected because it’s content written by a third party.

What We Like;

  1. Endless selection
  2.  No poor links
  3. Easily approach
  4. Download easily

What We Don’t Like

  1. Not Safer
  2.  Need Heavy internet

Solar Movies

Solar movies is another link that leads to the best website to watch free online movies over here. For bootlegged movies, this is the best site to use. This website provides the best online movies collection for free of cost. 

It provides all genres. It has plenty of genres; includes romantics, funny, dramatic, kids, sci-fi etc.

The is an online movie streaming website that allows you to watch free online movies and tv shows with the best quality. Content is updated on this site regularly. You will find content with different subtitles.

Sometimes it also happens we can’t reach the website directly in this case we use alternative websites

What We Like;

  1. Download easily
  2. Regularly updated
  3. Plenty of genres
  4.  Content with subtitle
  5.  Different categories

What We Don’t Like;

  1. Difficult to reach


 Retrovision is another megashare website where you will find the best quality movies. This website you can watch free online movies for nothing. It has various categories of movies and tv shows that will be helpful for your search.  

Therefore, the best retrovision feature is that you will find regularly updated content. It has the following genres; action, comedy, tv drama, adventures etc.

You really don’t watch ads between the shows. A very small bite of the internet requires to work out this website. As you know the means of retro in this you can watch old classic movies and tv shows without any charge.

What We Like;

  1. Watch fiction movie
  2. 100% free website.
  3. No buffering issue

What We Don’t Like;

  1. Ads-supported
  2. Poor resolution. 

Free Movies Cinema

 Jump to this website for watching online movies without no charge. There is no registration required to assess this website.

You can watch movies or tv shows only when you are online or having internet facility.  innovative websites to watch movies and search for more things but you can’t download any things.

It has the following genres; action, comedy, thriller, adventure, horror, animations etc. daily updated contents are available here just press the play button and enjoy the movies or whatever you to watch online for nothing.

Furthermore, this website will be featured with HD documentaries and best quality contents.

What We Like;

  1. No registration required 
  2. Easily useable
  3. Huge rush here

What We Don’t Like;

  1. Can’t Download
  2. Carefully selection required


    Movieflix is a movies, tv-series and video streaming app and it is highly streaming out over here.  It has everything whatever you want to watch online for free of cost. This site has multiple selections of movies and other tv-shows. 

There are many genres according to your mood. Content is weekly updated so. It’s up to you to enjoy all your favourite show. you can watch movies whenever you are offline.

A most worthy note is that this site works on a large platform and there is a large library of content. Movieflix is one of the best entertainment websites. 

What We Like;

  1. Watch offline series
  2. Vast films selection
  3. works constantly
  4. huge library
  5.  Entertainment website 

What We Don’t Like

  1. Weekly updated
  2. Ads supported website


It seems that everyone interested to watch online free movies, tv shows and another type of series 123Movies.hub is the best site for this purpose. You have noticed that there are many other online free sites but this site seems to be the most popular website.

Whenever you want to know what some competition doing so than you come to know this site is the best site to watch online movies for free of charge.

Through this, you can feel yourself be confident. 123movies websites provides a high-quality content.

Besides, you can get trustworthiness from the content of this website. This is a very safe and legal site.

 What We Like;

  1. Legal and safe site
  2. High-quality movie
  3. popular website
  4. Topmost rated

What We Don’t Like;

  1. It takes a long time for buffering for a movie.
  2. There is a huge rush of competitors
  3.  Grammatical issues over here


A free website where you can browse videos and upload it. Dailymotion is a safe site and some sort of legal site. Legal movies are independent movies but some are there are extension is required for the user to download Dailymotion videos.

It has numbers of genres; action, sci-fi, horror, thriller, romantic clips etc.

Dailymotion is available approximately in 43 different countries.

What We Like;

  1. All types of videos
  2. Vast diversity
  3. Block illegal videos
  4.  2nd biggest site 

What We Don’t Like;

  1. Upload issue
  2. Weaker search
  3. Need Login
  4. Technical issue

 All of the above menus, Megashare Alternative websites are easy and safe to use. you are free to pick out any of one site and enjoy to watch free online movies time. Well at the end of the end, whenever you visit one of the above websites, tell us your thoughts by email or leave a comment on our page.