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Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo Available on PC Now

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The sad story of P.T. has pushed various amateur developers to try to recover the game through re-elaborations to be distributed on PC, but this proposal by Qimsar appears decidedly impressive, both as fidelity to the original and to the characteristics of the project and the author.

P.T., for those who do not know, stands for “playable teaser”, and was the playable teaser of the Silent Hills project, the new horror video game of Hideo Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro which was then canceled by Konami. Following the complete breakdown of the relationship between the developer and the publisher, P.T. was permanently deleted and its recovery, for those who did not download it at the time, was impossible. Therefore, projects of this kind are welcome, in the hope of course that they do not run into copyright issues.

This P.T. for PC by Qimsar is particularly faithful to the original, as evidenced by the gameplay video that we have published below: despite the game being an alpha version, the results achieved are very similar to those of the original. This is even more impressive if you think that the developer is 17 years old and claims to have accumulated only 6 hours of work experience with Unreal Engine before dedicating himself to this project, which at the moment has asked him about 140 hours of work. You can download the demo for free at this address on GameJolt.

Qimsar seems very convinced of wanting to complete the project and rebuild P.T. on PC in a total manner. In the event that it should be removed for copyright reasons, the developer also claims to want to “upload” it to anyone who wants to try it.