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Silent Hill Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

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An artist from studio of Creative Assembly (Alien Isolation, Total War) paid tribute to the Silent Hill license recreating an environment using the graphics engine of Unreal Engine 4. The result is visible in video and pictures, shown below.

Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 4

Much appreciated by fans of the survival horror, Silent Hill has very significant episodes including for PS2. The license was almost back to the front of the stage with a Silent Hills developed by Hideo Kojima. However, production was eventually canceled by Konami. Only there remains a playable demo called PT.

To pay tribute to this license, James Brady – an artist from the studio of Creative Assembly (to whom we owe Alien Isolation or the various games in the Total War series) – unveiled a video and some pictures proposing symbolic filthy environments of the franchise with the Unreal Engine 4.

Released in 1999 on Playstation 1, the game is a classic survival horror that has defined the bases of gender and left a lasting impression on anyone who has engaged in the adventure. In search of your missing girl in the town of Silent Hill, you have to travel cross-town and out. A must, the Midwich Elementary School is part of the strong sequence of the game.

It is this striking scene that James Brady has chosen to recreate in Unreal Engine. The rendering is very well made and gives us an idea of what could be a new Silent Hill with today’s graphics.