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Silent Hill / Broken Covenant Canceled Game for PS3 Details Revealed

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10 years ago, the Climax studio wanted to develop a new installment of the Silent Hill series that would have been exclusive to PlayStation 3. However, the lack of interest in the game by Konami caused the project to get canceled.


The PtoPOnline YouTube channel uploaded a video showing almost ten minutes of gameplay of Silent Hill by Climax studio, which never released on PlayStation 3. The game in question has never received approval from Konami.

Climax had used one of the first versions of Unreal Engine 3 to create a demo. Apparently, the plot of this title would be developed in a town in Arizona corrupted by the memories and the past of Silent Hill.

Although the protagonist was a new character named Hector Santos (which incidentally was a priest of El Paso, Texas), the game would have had the presence of old enemies like the monstrous nurses and Pyramid Head.

When Konami ruled the project, Climax made some modifications and changed its name to Broken Covenant. The studio planned to launch this title episodically, but could never find another dealer and had to abandon that idea.

In the following video you can see what the demo of Broken Covenant that was developed by Climax with the assets of Silent Hill: Origins looks like: