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Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows DLC download soon available

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Shovel Knight is a Nintendo 3DS game. Just recently we heard about a new DLC coming out for this game that will bring more new levels and interesting storyline to checkout. You can get the glimpse of this new DLC on the video below. The DLC is going to be developed by Yatch Club Games. You can checkout their interviews in the same video below. This new DLC is just announced and the download will be coming up soon. But when it is not yet cleared. And this will be a kind of a free update for the players. So this is good news for those who are still playing Shovel Knight. It will be commonly released for all Nitendo Platforms. Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows is having some new things that would help players to customize the Plague Knights. You can also modify his bomb, increase his jump and also load the character with more new powerful abilities. So it would be easier for you to finish up a level and move ahead. It looks a bit nice in the video.

Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows DLC Image
Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows DLC Image

The story is bit different giving out some new levels for the players to test out. It is a simple 2D scrolling game that is having a mixed gameplay of puzzle and combat. It is also found that the game developer is simply working on more new updates for the coming time. And this would let players to have more and more new content for the game. The video below just offers an extended look of the DLC. This was revealed in Gamescom 2015. It is good to find that the new DLC is going to add a new character rather extending the current storyline that would not make much difference.

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