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Shovel Knight creators will soon begin work on a new project

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Responding to a recurring question on Twitter, the team Yacht Club Games has announced that in the course of 2017 they will begin work on a new project, still shrouded in mystery, but in any case not tied to Shovel Knight.

After the announcement of the new expansion of Specter of Torment and the landing of Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch, Yacht Club Games seems determined to work on something different this year. The development team has in fact responded to a recurring question on Twitter, revealing precisely that in 2017 they will focus on a new project that will have nothing to do with the fun action platformer.

“If you want something new outside of Shovel Knight…we have vowed to start work on a new project in 2017,” was the response of the team on their official account of Twitter.

Yacht Club Games in any case will not abandon the adventures of the knight armed with shovel, Shovel Knight will be released during the year also on Switch, also in the next few months a new campaign will come with protagonist King Knight, the battle mode for four players, the Body Swap mode and the co-op in local on PC and all consoles.