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Shinji Hirano, former President of Konami, becomes President of Kojima Productions

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According to the information on the profile of Linkedin, Shinji Hirano – former leader of Konami – is the current president of Kojima Productions from November 2016. It seems that Hirano and Hideo Kojima want to continue their working relationship.

For a month now, the new president of Kojima Productions is Shinji Hirano, former President of Konami Europe, as reported by TheKoalition. According to the LinkedIn profile, Shinji Hirano was not involved in the dispute between Konami and Kojima, because he had abandoned his post some time before.

Shinji Hirano has held various senior positions at Konami, working both in the American Division for the Commission: from 2005 to 2016 he was entrusted with the role of corporate officer, division directors and even President.

Surely you might have remember the story which involved Kojima and Konami in a clash for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom pain that led to the final breakup of the employment relationship, then you would ask, “Why Kojima wanted a man of Konami as the head of his own company?”

The goal of the Kojima Productions appears to be to have on board people who can share the full vision of Kojima, it is therefore very likely that the Japanese developer has seen Hirano the professional best suited to lead the company, despite his past.

After leaving the company in March 2016, Hirano has remained in contact with Kojima, deciding to continue the collaboration with the famous Japanese game director. From November 2016 Shinji Hirano is the president of Kojima Productions.