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Shin Megami Tensei IV Final First Trailer Released

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Shin Megami Tensei IV is releasing on October 30. It is coming on Nintendo 3DS. It is a role playing game and the first trailer of this game is out. You can check the video at the end of this article. The game is a part of Megami Tensei franchise. This new edition is based on Flynn, who is the central character in the game. Who is on a mission to product Mikado a medieval kingdom. This kingdom is under the control of demons. Flynn will be on a mission to capture the Black Samurai. The game looks to have a impressive story line with ample of competitive levels. if you had played the old series then it would be lot more easier for you to understand the controls. The game is controlling Flynn the Samurai in the game. Navigation is pretty simple and games offers a third person look. The map will show you the place where you to go and fight with demons.

There are central tactics that make the player stronger and they can defeat the demons lot more easily. As the player keeps on wining battle it grows more and more stronger in the game. And also get new upgrades. The player can upgrade itself using the in-game currency to buy additional upgrades and enhances its skills. The game also has side quest linked with the game story. The video below is the trailer that offer the glimpse of game. You can check out the game. There will be more gameplay videos coming up on YouTube.