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Shenmue III New Trailer Showcases Minigames, Forklift Racing and More


Yesterday, during the Japan Expo in Paris, the director of Shenmue III, Yu Suzuki, organized a panel on his work and career, and he provided some new and interesting elements about the game.

Suzuki-san mentioned that Shenmue III is a game that gives you a lot of freedom and that you can really savor over time. He also explained that the playtesters played the game in very different ways. For example, greedy people played the game in a different way compared to those who are more economically savvy. For example, the way they make money changes a lot from person to person.

While the goal is the same, Suzuki-san has never seen the same play twice with different playtesters. If he had to sum up the game in one sentence, he would say “Shenmue III is a mirror of yourself.”

He also showed new screenshots, design sketches for the original Shenmue and some videos, that you can check below.

In the images, we see Chai, Lan Di and the “Panda market” in the first city. In fact, the village really exists. We also take a look at the arcade that the game will include.

As a curiosity, Goichi “Suda51” Suda sent a question in the video to Suzuki. He wondered what kind of Suzuki racing game he would play nowadays. His answer was a rush-hour game of cities that actually existed and aimed to get from point A to point B. The game would use real-time traffic data. With this, the winner would not be the one who would know better, but who would know the shortcuts in the city.

Shenmue 3 will release on November 19 for PS4 and PC. Finally, if you want to check the full presentation, check the video below.