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Shenmue I Director Keiji Okayasu Returns for Shenmue III

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Ys Net has updated its progress with Shenmue III with a new video that confirms the return of Shenmue I director, Keiji Okayasu, in the third part of the series.

Shenmue III

With a successful Kickstarter, Yu Suzuki has used Keiji Okayasu, one of his assistants at the time of the first two title, to take again the developement in hand for Shenmue III.

Okayasu was the director of Shenmue and played an important role in Shenmue II until he left the project when it was 70%. Now he has joined the production team of Shenmue III.

“This month we would like to give an interview with Keiji to get to know a little bit more about him, and see what he hopes to accomplish as a director for Shenmue III.” In the video he explains the difficulty of understanding what he wanted with the saga. You cannot see new gameplay of the title, but only some development background screens.

Shenmue III was revealed during E3 2015 through a campaign on Kickstarter, and raised over six million dollars. After a year, finishing the financial position for this project, Yu Suzuki wanted to reveal new details to his fans.

Shenmue III will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC, in principle with date estimated for 2017.