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Shenmue 3 Sales Success Will “Make Things Easier” for Shenmue 4


On some occasions Yu Suzuki, renowned game developer, has made it clear that his plans with the Shenmue series are ambitious, since he considers launching several more titles including Shenmue 4, but for this, the creative knows that the reception of the next installment will be very important and that could give way to a new one.

In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, the creative said that the response of the fans will be very important in the future of the series, because, in case of being positive it would favor the development of the sequel. However, the developer thinks that the decision to continue with Shenmue would be taken according to the associations he gets for his production.

“If Shenmue 3 sells well it will make things easier [with Shenmue 4]. But I think it will rely more on what kind of partners we will be able to secure,” Suzuki explained.

We remind you that Shenmue 3 raised the resources for its development through the Kickstarter collective financing platform, and its campaign has been one of the most successful.

The title was going to be released on PC via Steam, but it was announced that it would first reach the Epic Games Store, as part of an exclusivity agreement. We do not know what kind of associations Suzuki was referring to, but it is perhaps the distribution agreements that could help make the following iterations of Shenmue a reality.

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Shenmue3 will release on November 19 on Playstation 4 and PC (via Epic Games Store). What do you think of the creative statements for the title? Would you like to see more titles like Shenmue 4? Tell us in the comments below.

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