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Shenmue 3 New Video Diary of Development focuses on QTE

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YS Net has released today a new video diary of development focused on the playtest of Quick Time Event: the video shows not only the operation (provisional) of the QTE but also a brief meeting between developers and Yu Suzuki, during which the team and producer exchange information and details on this aspect of production.

Shenmue III is making a long wait. While waiting to be revealed the release date, here is the second episode of the video diary of development.

A new video diary dedicated to Shenmue III takes us to the middle of the development team during the construction of the quick time event. Indeed, Ys Net has released the second video of its “Development Report” series that allows us to look at the development of the much expected title of Shenmue III.

Shenmue III is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and PC, with a post on the official blog of the game, Yu Suzuki has apologized for the lack of updates and assured that from now on the studio will publish new diaries of development on monthly basis.

Certainly for fans awaiting for the release of this third installment, it will be interesting to see some moments of “behind the scenes” of the game. Speaking of expectations, it has not yet been revealed the release date of the game and recently the same Yu Suzuki apologized for the delays on the game’s publication.

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