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Magic 2019: Shenmue 3 New Details About Martial Arts, Fishing System and More

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There are few months left for the release of Shenmue 3, the continuation of the saga of Ryo Hazuki that fans have been waiting for years. The existence of the third installment of the saga in the legendary E3 2105 gave users a bit of hope to know that Yu Suzuki with his team in YS Net were behind this continuation, which will not be the last, as the creation of a fourth installment.

Recently we have been able to see the cover of the game, as well as the setting of the game in an open world of the most peculiar area that will keep alive the essence of a saga that has set a precedent in the world of video games.

On the other hand, we were able to know more details about the game, thanks to Shenmue Dojo, and the creator of the game, Yu Suzuki, who was at Magic, a convention of French anime games held in Monaco. Yu Suzuki held a conference of around 40 minutes, which revealed new information about Shenmue 3.

  1. There are around 500 NPC in Shenmue 3, which is ten times the amount initially planned. This will also make the game feel close to the first two games, since Shenmue I and II also had approximately the same amount of NPC.
  2. Fishing System: The game has fishing tents where Ryo will be able to provide baits, fishing rods and the like. The game has several fishing places with different fish, and you can sell your catch. It will be similar to part time jobs like in Shenmue II. Shenmue 3 will also have events related to fishing, such as fishing contests.
  3. About Martial Arts: Of course, the main inspiration is initially Virtua Fighter. However, for Shenmue 3, they did everything from scratch for obvious reasons (the game was not developed by SEGA and in the first place there has not been a new Virtua Fighter game). However, many movements of the first editions will be present in this new release.
  4. A new battle screen capture was shown. As in previous games, Ryo’s health is in the lower left. As Ryo trains and gets stronger, you will get more health.
  5. There is a new “automatic” AT system, which allows people who cannot handle input commands to perform movements easily by pressing a button. You can put 5 movements in total in the AT system.
  6. There is also a “Manual” MT system that will require you to enter the movements as in the previous games. The more you use a certain movement, the stronger it becomes, until you “master” it.
  7. About Music: As with the previous games, music will play an extremely important role in Shenmue 3. As a side note, in his childhood, Yu Suzuki was forced to learn classical music, so, rebelliously, he started as more rock music in his place.
  8. In Shenmue 3, Ryo will be able to use certain items in certain situations, instead of simply buying items just by owning them for the players’ collection. The 3 cities in the game will include many different stores, and the price of the same item can be very different from one store to another. Players must find the cheapest stores to buy food for Ryo or, otherwise, they will run out of energy and money.

As a joke, the translator and MC asked Yu Suzuki if Shenmue 4 will take place in France, since Shenmue I was in Japan and Shenmue II and III are in China. Yu Suzuki responded that he will have to think about making a derivative game to make this happen. At the conclusion of the conference, Yu Suzuki again thanked the fans for supporting him for 18 years.

We remind you that Shenmue 3 will be released later this year on August 27, 2019 and will release on PlayStation 4 and PC.