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Shenmue 1 HD Won’t Add Time Skipping Option

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After the enthusiasm for the announcement of the collection of Shenmue 1 and 2 in HD there remained some doubts about the features with which SEGA intends to pack the two products. One of these is definitely the mechanics that allowed to fast forward the time in the second chapter, absent in the first chapter Shenmue and also in its HD version.

The saga of Yu Suzuki, in fact, integrates a day/night cycle, which forces the player to be in the right place at the right time to perform some tasks. Missing an appointment means having to wait to be able to run the next day, but in Shenmue, there is also a time limit and if you do not know how to manage it optimally you could run into the game over.

A system that many players did not like, for which Sega has dealt with adding in the second chapter of the saga the ability to advance the time quickly, much like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Unfortunately, this feature will not be present in Shenmue 1 HD remake, as Sega is trying to remain as faithful as possible to the original titles.

“We’ve tried to stay as close to the original feature sets in each game as possible, so Shenmue 1 will not have the time skip feature,” a Sega spokesperson told the VG247 website.

We will, therefore, be forced to arrive in the desired places on time, perhaps a little early to make sure you do not have to wait until the following day to complete a mission.

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