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Sheltered to release on March 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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Team17 and Unicube announced today that their post-apocalyptic survival game, Sheltered, will be officially available on PS4, Xbox One and PC starting this March 15, 2016. The game, which was in Early Access on Steam and on the Preview Program of Xbox One, will debut on all platforms for a price of 14.99 dollars.

Sheltered Game Screenshot

Set as a result of a nuclear disaster, Sheltered follows the story of a family that finds shelter in an abandoned refuge. Here the player has the task of providing for the needs of the four members of the family and to their survival, and in case of any error, there is no remedy because Sheltered uses the permanent death. To survive, this family will have to leave the shelter for procuring resources and crafting. The members of the family will therefore be forced to visit the city to abandon, but also deal with factions and wild beasts.

Below you can find what all things the game features:

1. Family comes first: Keep your family alive and protect them from the ravages of the harsh post-apocalyptic world
2. Pets: Your pet is family too. Choose between the dog, cat, fish, snake or horse
4. Make the shelter a home: Maintain your shelter – keep it secure, habitable and make sure that the family have enough resources to survive. Protect your shelter from hazards and infiltration!
4. Crafting system: Create comforts for your family’s shelter and weapons for combat
5. Customisation: Your family is unique to you; you decide their gender, names and their appearance
6. Exploration: Send out your family to explore and gather resources for everyday living and crafting
7. Recruitment system: Recruit outsiders with different personalities, integrate them into your shelter life and earn their loyalty
8. RPG mechanics: As your family develop, their stats will adapt with an evolving experience and trauma system. Attributes, strengths and weaknesses will dynamically change based on your choices
9. Dynamic encounter system: Your family will encounter various threats including roaming factions and feral beasts
10. Turn-based combat: For those that cannot be reasoned with, violence can be used as a last resort. Your family may depend on it
11. Vehicles: Make exploration quicker and safer
12. Bloodlines: Extend your family lineage

Also, checkout the Early Access Trailer of Sheltered below: