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Shawn Layden talks about No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian and PS4 Pro

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Shawn Layden (President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) was the host of the last episode of the show with YouTube Live Gaming, aired last night. During the program (led by Geoff Keighley), Layden talked about The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky and PlayStation 4 Pro among other things.

The Last Guardian Screenshot

With regard to The Last Guardian, Layden said that “it’s a fantastic story, it’s a typical Ueda game, I think it’s going to find a lot of love.”

As per his regards for No Man’s Sky instead he has placed emphasis on the controversial Sean Murray: “I think Hello Games, Sean Murray and his team, had an incredible vision on what they were going to create. Something never done before. And a very small team had a very huge. ambition. Now, they’re still working at it. They’re still updating it. They’re trying to get it closer to what their vision was. I played a lot when it came out. Unfortunately, Hello Games has not been able to achieve what he wanted on the first try, it happens. ”

Finally, the president of SIEA also talked about PlayStation 4 Pro:”PlayStation 4 Pro is the manifestation of our desire to continue to innovate a platform even between generations. We were able to create a system that support all PS4 content, as you know, and going forward, but it would allow more horsepower under the hood, it would provide a one terabyte drive, it would allow developers to perhaps increase frame rates or increase resolutions. It really is for people that perhaps want a bit more horsepower under the hood, who perhaps have made investments in 4K televisions, or HDR supporting TVs, and want to have that as well.”