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Shawn Layden of Sony has already played with the prototype of Death Stranding

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Shawn Layden (CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) was recently interviewed by the Telegraph and on this occasion he spoke, among other things, about Death Stranding, new project of Hideo Kojima.

Layden said that he had recently got to try a prototype version that already includes some playable missions, at the same time, however, he is not able to explain the concept of the game. In this regard, Shawn Layden has merely stated that in his opinion Death Stranding will be a “revolutionary game and all that and more…”, thus letting his enthusiasm appearing for the project.

Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, also said the following after playing Death Stranding: “It’s up an running. It’s been aided tremendously after Kojima-San decided to co-opt the Decima Engine from Guerrilla. And, gosh, that really gave him a leg up to get up and running and test it and have some prototype levels running. I couldn’t explain to you what the game is…”

Death Stranding is still lacking a release date, the game was not shown at E3, to the astonishment of the audience who expected a new trailer or a sequence of gameplay.

Death Stranding was not present at E3 but has anyone played it anyway. After all the mess with Konami, the Japanese designer has abandoned the series of Metal Gear Solid to devote to something completely new.