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Shane Dawson Is ‘Taking Accountability’ of Blackface Controversy

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Shane Dawson is saying sorry for the second time for his N-Word and blackface controversy. Moreover, he is taking accountability for his remarks in his second apology. Dawson has posted videos that have him saying the N-word, using blackface and more.

The YouTuber has apologized before also in his first apology video but he posted a second one as he thought that first one not enough for his wrongdoings. Here’s the link to the first video that he posted five years back:


In the recent video, he said that he had done a lot of bad things earlier which he regrets now. Shane Dawson deleted his Instagram tag,  his videos and wish to do anything that it takes to make it look like that those things never happened.

Dawson the 31-year-old YouTuber added that he apologized for many things but those were not adequate enough. He didn’t even recognize himself and said those were uncivilized content.

Realizing and taking accountability

The apology videos were the results of his fear. He was at home thinking that he invited worldwide hatred. Dawson cried and had severe palpitation. He made a video through his webcam saying sorry to the world but he was not convinced as he thought that the video was too childish for his disastrous content.

Jenna Marbles’ apology video inspired him to take responsibility for his disgustful actions. Shane Dawson was 20 years old when he started his career as YouTuber. He played stereotyped Mexican, Asian, Black ad other different races’ people in his content thinking that it was amusing. The YouTuber now hates that part of him who had anger and sadness. He communicated an apology with more intensity. He has realized now that he should take full responsibility for his hateful content.

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Being genuinely apologetic

The young YouTube content creator now realizes that he should not have contributed to the normalization of using N-Word or normalization of Blackface. The reasons were playing a certain character that was supposedly amusing and having a black friend was enough to justify his wrongdoing. Now he realizes that was not at all okay.

Shane Dawson said that white people should not say the offensive word as it’s not funny. He thinks he should have lost his YouTube content creator career for stereotyping the colored people by using the N-word and wearing false hair.

He is now realizing that he had stimulated a lot of people to say those offensive things and hurt a huge number of people. Dawson is now taking full liability for his past actions and expressed his will to lose anything if that can compensate for his irresponsible doings.