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Shadow Warrior 2 New Gameplay Video Showing First Hour

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From AllGamesDelta comes a new video of Shadow Warrior 2 where we can see the first hour of its campaign, thus allowing us to discover how the beginning of this sequel will be.

Shadow Warrior 2

On the YouTube channel of AllGamesBeta, they have just published a video showing the first hour of the Shadow Warrior 2 game in its PC version.

In this way, we will see how Lo Wang is facing all kinds of demons with different firearms and his trusty katana, all without losing the gore and the usual violence of the saga, as well as his unique sense of humor, where a couple of copulating rabbits may become a thrown weapon.

According to the game, compared to the previous title in the series to date written, you will rely on higher standards, new additions to the arsenal, and an even higher rate of violence than seen in the past.

Shadow Warrior 2 is again developed by Flying Wild Hog, those responsible for its predecessor, and its new products will offer the possibility to play in cooperative multiplayer and generate larger scenarios randomly. The game will come to PC on October 13, although more later it will be also released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console versions of should arrive in the early months of next year, but a certain release date has not yet been made official.

Its standard version is priced at $36.99 USD, while the deluxe (includes some extras like the soundtrack and a book of digital art) will cost $46.99 USD.

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