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Middle-earth: Shadow of War PC players are using cheat (Trainers) to get unlimited loot boxes

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Since it was announced that Middle-earth: Shadow of War would have loot boxes and micropayments, it immediately placed in the sights of the controversy on this type of system that does not finish persuading to the players.

The enthusiasts of PC game often analyze every last detail and have already found a vulnerability that allows them to win infinite Mirian.

According to a report, the Shadow of War PC community of players has found a way to get around the loot boxes by exploiting a vulnerability that allows a line of code to alter the system.

Through the use of cheat tools (Trainers), some players could alter a script to earn huge amounts of Mirian, the currency of the game.

With this, they have been able to buy Silver War Chests that provide the Epic Orcs and important consumable items, obviously, the idea is for players to get these extras through their experience in the game or, in a given case, with real money.

At the moment, Warner Bros. has not revealed official information about the actions that it will take to fix that vulnerability and prevent players from continuing to take advantage of it.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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