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Shadow of The Tomb Raider Patch 3 Available Now, Fixes 100% Completion Bug

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Nixxes and Eidos Montreal have released a new patch for the PC version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

According to the release notes, the Patch #3 introduces a series of small changes that aim to improve the stability and functionality of the title, as well as solve some problems present by enabling the DirectX 12 mode in Windows 10 version 1511.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Fixes related to some players not being able to achieve 100% completion, including:
    • Problems related to the Champion’s Bow quest.
    • Problems related to the ‘Dr Croft’ and ‘That’s a Knife’ achievements.
    • Problems with monoliths.
    • And various others.
  • Fixes a problem where some items would not carry over into New Game+.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in Kuwaq Yaku.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in the Peruvian Jungle.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in Manko’s Tomb.
  • Fixed a problem where some in-game hints would still trigger even if the player had them disabled.
  • Updates to VO and localization in various languages.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some PC configurations to be unable to successfully enable stereoscopic 3D.
  • Fixed DX12 problems specific to Windows 10 version 1511.
  • A large number of smaller stability and functionality fixes.

In recent news, Rich Briggs, brand manager of Tomb Raider, revealed that the game will get 7 months of DLC content. Recall that Shadow of The Tomb Raider is also available for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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