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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Rated in South Korea

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Some players usually wait for the release of the final editions of a title to be able to have both the base game, as well as all the post-launch content, in a single exhibition and those who have expected this to happen with Shadow of the Tomb Raider could receive good news, according to information just leaked.

According to information obtained by a user on ResetEra, who discovered a new rating on the official website of the Game Rating and Administration Committee of South Korea, indicating that the final version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is on its way.

The information on the site reveals a supposed Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition that would reach Xbox One and PC, although nothing is revealed about its arrival on PS4, it should be taken into account that it is a new rating that, surely, will be updated soon.

Taking into account the chances that Shadow of the Definitive Edition is a reality, some fans considered that it is a good opportunity for the game to have a new reception that exceeds the divided opinions that it generated after its debut in September 2018, a situation that impacted its sales performance.

Remember that the game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.