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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Will Be 13-15 Hours Long Without Side Quests, More Details Revealed

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After the official release of Square Enix, the developers of Shadow of the Tomb Raider returned to talk about the game during a panel hosted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Let’s find out all the new information unveiled on the title.

According to reports, during the panel the following details emerged:

1. Lara will fight not to become the enemy she hates. She will make many mistakes, and in this case, the actress could turn into a threat.
2. Developers want to deal with the theme of growth. This will not only be reflected in the narrative arc of Lara but also on the gameplay itself. The graves, for example, will be even more profound and terrifying.
3. Lara will go from being the prey to becoming the Huntress. She will become one with the jungle, evolving her fighting techniques.
4. There will be much more stealth in the game, conveying the idea of a more experienced and intelligent Lara. We can use the environment and the shadows to our advantage.
5. Setting the game in the jungle was a wise and conscious choice. Since Lara became more experienced and self-confident, she needed an even more extreme and savage setting to put her in jeopardy.
6. The antagonist, Dr. Dominguez, is the head of Trinity. Further information on his motivations will be revealed later, perhaps at E3 2018.
7. Exploration in the open world will abound, and in addition, you will meet many characters on the way. Gameplay and storytelling will not always be linear.
8. Lara will be able to do things that were not within her reach before. There are new mechanics like wall running that change the gaming experience, pushing to try new approaches. The level design will open up to a more vertical gameplay with the presence of puzzles that require the use of the grappling hook.
9. You can swim underwater until you reach the seabed where special objects and hidden secrets are kept.

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Speaking instead of the duration of the game, a user of ResetEra reported some information from a Spanish magazine, reporting that the longevity of the game should be around 13-15 hours without considering the secondary missions.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will make its debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 14.