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Shadow of the Colossus Producer: “We Did Our Best To Maintain The Integrity of The Original Game”

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After taking care of the Metal Gear Solid and Uncharted remasters, Bluepoint Games has the burden and honor of working on the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, which will raise the bar compared to the previous challenges profiling itself more like a remake than a remaster.

The producer Randall Lowe, interviewed by GameInformer, spoke about the complexity of this challenge: “Their [Team Ico’s] design sensibilities were amazing. The use of coloring areas, the use of fog, the way they conveyed emotion without driving it through dialogue, they’re masters of it. Maintaining that is really hard. It is a lot of conscious work to make sure that just by beatifying something, just by bringing it up to what people expect modern games to look like, you don’t break them. I think that’s the most time we spend internally,” Lowe explained.

“We spent a lot of time making sure we were as aware of this stuff as the community was. We did our best to maintain the integrity of the original game. Without giving away anything, players should be able to expect that what they were able to do in the past should carry forward,” Lowe declared.

Bluepoint has also retouched the control system to make it as modern as possible, but leaving the possibility to play with the classic one for an experience faithful to the PS2 counterpart.

Shadow of the Colossus remake will release on February 6, 2018, exclusively for PS4.