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Shadow Complex Remastered listed by PEGI for PC release

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The classification of video games organization in Europe has recently listed a HD re-release of Shadow Complex, exclusive to the Xbox 360 game that marked the players when released in 2009 as part of the Summer of Arcade.

Originally released in the Summer of Arcade program on Xbox Live in 2009, Shadow Complex met a real critical success. Developed by Chair Entertainment and published by Epic Games, the title appears as a side-scrolling action game unfortunately a bit short. The title also has a backward compatibility of Xbox One since 12 November.

Shadow Complex Cover
Shadow Complex Cover

If many of us wait for the confirmation of the development of a sequel, we learn that a PC reissue would be in anticipation. PEGI – the Agency classification of European video games – has just listed Shadow Complex Remastered on its official website.

A priori, there should be an improved version of the game in terms of graphics. The question is whether Epic Games will soon confirm this good news; we will have to wait to find it out.

Anyway, it seems that Epic Games wants to capitalize on this renewed popularity to rediscover Shadow Complex to a new generation. While the game is currently available on Xbox consoles, the PC version is being developed with Epic Games.

Remember, Shadow Complex is an action game in which the player plays as Jason Fleming, a young man who stumbles across a secret military complex while hiking. The game features a 2D gameplay since you cannot move your character on one plan. The environments are modeled against in 3D and also have the graphics engine of Unreal Engine 3.

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