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Serpents and Spiders: OSRS Raid Guide for Beginners

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Raids may be a staple of modern MMORPGs. However, RuneScape and obviously, Old School RuneScape, are not considered as such. Nevertheless, this kind of content is not only a welcome addition but also a perfect one. It’s also not exactly a walk in the park. For that, a short OSRS Raid guide, free of OSRS gold charge, on raiding know-how is in order, and we’re here to oblige.

Chambers of Xeric–How to Fight Great Olm

Because raids are fairly recent to OSRS Raid , it only has two. The first is the Chambers of Xeric. It came with a huge expansion that brought about a brand new continent, Great Kourend. Essentially the capstone of Great Kourend’s content, it’s no surprise that it’s rather tough. In fact, it uses a unique party finding system, which determines how strong the monsters and bosses you’ll be facing.

Named after a powerful mage that ruled Great Kourend a millennium ago, you’ll be facing his minions, the last one being Great Olm, a legendary white salamander. For his standard attacks, aside from his Magic and Ranged attacks, he also throws spheres that he directs to a player and damages around half of the total life if not blocked. To not get damaged, one must have the right prayer, which can be determined by the orb’s color:

  • Red – melee
  • Green – missiles/ranged
  • Purple – magic 

Other than his attacks, you need to be wary of which phase he’s already in, as this will determine what kind of attacks you’ll be facing.

For Phase 1, the following skills are:

  • Crystal Burst – crystals that burst on the ground. Has a few seconds of delay, and Great Olm’s left hand will show a crystal icon before casting, so you can evade this pretty easily
  • Lightning – runs vertically throughout the map, which deals moderate damage, causes binding, and disables prayer effects
  • Swap – teleports a player inside a chamber, and then teleports two more after. Players in the chamber must stand on top of one another to survive

Apart from this, he also has two fire attacks, with one dealing damage over time, and the other trapping a player. He also has other crystal attacks: one drops crystal shards from the ceiling, and the other is a bomb that takes a few seconds before dealing massive AOE damage.

Great Olm has three phases. For the first, he uses a Crystal Burst > Lightning > Swap rotation. Thankfully, the second one is fairly similar to the first.

Before the third phase, here’s a short tidbit: when fighting Great Olm, pay attention to his left hand. If it’s not clenched, then he will do these special attacks, so watch out! At the same time, while the left hand is clenched, it cannot be attacked. You also have to take out his hands. For the third phase, you’ll have to take out both.

Theater of Blood – Slaying Lady Verzik Vetur

The second raid is Theater of Blood. A giant arena underneath Ver Sinhaza, you’ll be up against vampires and other related creatures of the dark in this one, as the name suggests.

After beating the five bosses, you’ll be facing Lady Verzik Vitur. She also has three phases. For the first, you have to use the Dawnbringer’s special attack. She also has an attack that you have to hide behind the pillars in order to avoid damage. At the same time, the pillars will eventually come down, dealing heavy damage after several attacks.

In Phase 2, she will go to the center of the room. Avoid that area or else you’ll be damaged and stunned. Also, avoid the bombs she will throw on your feet. Lastly, she will summon Nylocas, which can deal a ton of damage and distract you from Verzik Vitur, and Nylocas Athanatos, which will heal her. As she loses life, she will use blood magic to heal herself, as well as summon two Nylocas Matomenos, which she will eat and heal herself with if you don’t kill them right away.

Finally, for Phase 3, Verzik Vitur will become a half-spider. She can now all three forms of combat, summon all kinds of Nylocas, and have new abilities:

  • A powerful attack that creates safe spots (To survive, only one should stay in a  safe spot)
  • A spider web that traps players and deals heavy damage over time (They can only be freed when the web is attacked by another player)

Make sure to keep them in mind so that your slaying of Verzik Vitur will go off without a hitch. 

Raids aren’t easy, but they’re definitely worth it. And while OSRS Raid doesn’t have a lot of the stuff, the two with rs gold they got are awesome.