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Serious Sam VR easter egg reveals release date of Serious Sam 4?

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As we got to tell you, Croteam has confirmed to be still working on Serious Sam 4, averting the fears of those who thought it would be cancelled. Today yet another news emerged; it seems that an easter egg of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope might have revealed the release date of Serious Sam 4.

We already know that Croteam is working on the fourth installment of the Serious Sam series, but unfortunately the title is still without a release date. However, an Easter Egg present in Serious Sam VR may provide an indication on the game’s debut.

As you see in the image of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope posted above, on the weapon of Sam are reported 6 very interesting dates: the first five correspond to the release dates of the various chapters of the saga (March 21, 2001 for Serious Sam: the First Encounter, February 2, 2002 for Serious Sam: the Second Encounter, and so on), and the sixth – set for December 2017 – that could refer to the launch window of Serious Sam 4.

Obviously, at the moment we just have to wait for an official confirmation from the software house although the period seems quite plausible.

Does this mean that we will know something more at the next E3 in Los Angeles? What do you think about this news? Do tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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