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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide: How To Unlock All The Endings

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Based on the choices made during the adventure, in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice you can unlock more than one ending. In this mini-guide we will explain to you how to get them all, so you can complete the game 100%.

In all, there are four endings, to the benefit of the longevity in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Below we explain how to unlock them all.

Shura final:
This is by far the easiest to get, but also the “worst”. To unlock it you just need to get to the point where you have to go back to Ashina’s castle and get on the roof for the second time, where the Great Shinobi Owl is waiting for you. After talking to him, you can choose to be faithful to his doctrine or to Kuro. To unlock the Shura finale, choose to obey the Great Shinobi Owl and face the two boss fights that will be triggered by this choice. Since this route eliminates a significant part of the game, we advise you not to take it during the first game.

Final Immortal Separation:
This can be considered the “default” end of the game. When the Great Shinobi Owl asks you to make your choice, you decide to stay with Kuro and defeat the Owl. Then just follow Kuro’s directions until you face the final boss outside of Ashina. Assuming that you have not completed any of the secondary missions that will give access to the other endings, in this way you will get the Epilogue Immortal Separation.

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Final Purification:
Also to get this ending you will have to decide to join with Kuro. After defeating the Great Shinobi Owl, however, you will need to complete the following steps in the order listed:

  • After defeating Owl, reach the room where Isshun is located and eavesdrop on his conversation with Emma. Listen to what Kuro himself has to say.
  • Rest at the Idol of the Sculptor and reach the upper floor to talk to Emma about Kuro. When asked if you agree with her, answer yes.
  • Rest again and talk to Emma once more.
  • After the conversation go immediately to the left, towards the graves, and talk to Emma again.
  • Now you must listen to the Sculptor’s conversation. Hide behind the graves to keep from being discovered.
  • Return to Emma to receive a bell to use at the Buddha statue.
  • After doing so, return to the area where you faced Moth .
  • A new boss fight will be unlocked: complete it successfully to unlock the Purification ending.

Final Return:
Also in this case, after having sworn loyalty to Kuro you will have to follow a series of steps with a specific order. First of all you’ll have to collect the two Fruits of the Snake from the Giant Snakes. The first is in the area where you beat the Guardian Monkey, while the second is located in the direction of the temple of Senpou, near Mount Kongo.

Then go and visit the Divine Child at the Senpou Temple. Give them the parchment that is in the pond, near the third idol of the temple. When this is done, the Divine Child will disappear and become an illusion. You just have to follow it.

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After completing the chase section, the girl will ask you to look for the monk who is in the dark cave, near the temple where you are right now. Talk to the monk and go back to the child to get frozen dragon tears. Now you are ready to face the final boss. Once defeated, go to Kuro and give him the Tears to unlock the final Return.