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SEGA will hold an event for the 25th anniversary of Sonic on June 25

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Sega will hold a celebration for the 25th anniversary of Sonic in Tokyo Joypolis on June 25, as announced by the company. This event will be different from that which had been announced for the same reason in San Diego on July 22.

Sonic event

Sonic the Hedgehog from SEGA, meets its 25 years, and the Japanese company will strive to celebrate it throughout the year. That includes the E3, where it will be lead, although no further information on any new release in the series is announced. The information comes from the representatives of the company, in statements to the magazine Global License.

The last games that appeared are Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, which appeared in winter. As for the festivities, we know that during the month of July there will be a great event in San Diego during Comic-Con, also in New York while at PAX and the SXSW (besides the show in Los Angeles). This will only fuel speculation about a possible new release of the hedgehog, that would celebrate the quarter century of Sega’s mascot.

The previous game in the series was Sonic Lost World, a game that appeared on PC and Wii U, and that despite not going from being remarkably improved notably the experience with Sonic Boom, also for the desktop of Nintendo.

The Sonic saga began in 1991, with the hedgehog as a character created by Sega, and it appeared in order to compete with the very Mario itself, a role that until now was in the hands of Alex Kidd. All generations of consoles of the company have had an episode of the saga, although from the decision to stop manufacturing pro hardware throwing for other machines meant to a certain decline for the adventures of Sonic, which in turn to allow such unthinkable situations in the past as “Sonic in Nintendo”, led to the emergence of games of dubious quality. And because of that it generally did not reach the levels of perfection of titles like Sonic Adventure, for many the best three-dimensional game of the series, that has always been linked to the 2D development and the side-scrolling.