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SEGA Trademarks ‘Valkyria of the Blue Revolution’

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We recently learned that Sega has just filed a trademark on the series of Tactical-RPG game Valkyria Chronicles. A fourth episode would be in anticipation. Originally released in 2008 on PS3, Valkyria Chronicles took advantage of a PC version available since last year, through the Steam download platform. This tactical RPG from Sega also received a second episode on PSP in 2010 and a third installment a year later in Japan.

Valkyria Chronices Screenshot
Valkyria Chronices Screenshot

As we thought to see the license back anytime soon, we learn that a fourth episode is not excluded. Indeed, the Japanese site Hachima Kikou said that Sega has trademarked the name “Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria” in Japan. By translating the title into English, this gives “Valkyria of the Blue Revolution”.

Now, it remains whether the Japanese publisher has planned to produce a new installment in the franchise or whether it be a sequel or a spin-off.