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Sega Is Teasing Something on the Bayonetta Steam Page

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An unspecified Sega developer had the brilliant idea of ​​updating the official Steam page of Bayonetta by publishing the eloquent image of a sheep!

The unusual high-definition photo of the admirable sheep in the “News” section of Bayonetta’s Steam board, as it was logical to expect, sparked the fans’ fantasies and curiosity, with ironic comments and messages sent to SEGA by users of the main forums and social channels dedicated to the series of Hideki Kamiya and its iconic protagonist.

The Japanese video game giant, however, is certainly not new to this kind of initiatives: in the second half of 2017, in fact, the inspired communication machine of SEGA moved in the same way to announce the action shooter title called Vanquish on PC, deciding a few months later to adopt the same strategy to confirm the landing of Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC.

The image of the sheep, therefore, could offer us important news related to the development of the third, highly anticipated chapter of the Bayonetta series or, perhaps, the beginning of work on a title completely released from the epic action of the descendant of the ancient clan of the Witches of Umbra. Over the next few days we will discover the real intentions of Sega, what exactly the company is going to release.