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Sega Launches A Teaser Website for A New And Mysterious Project

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Sega seems to have entered into a teaser mode: after announcing a reveal for January 16, the Japanese company has launched a new site to unveil a future project. The page includes a countdown that will end on January 19th.

Unfortunately, the site contains no details of any kind, as well as a background consisting of a floating island and a giant clock. It should be noted that the page address includes the suffix “Senki”, a term (translated as a War Chronicle) that could be related to Bahamut Senki, a strategic RPG for Mega Drive published by Sega in 1991.

The page simply shows a throne set at the base of a clock surrounded by a series of hourglasses, while in the background there are fluctuating islands.

The URL of the site, available here, contains the words Senki which mean war chronicles in Japanese and could possibly refer to the 1991 Sega video game Bahamut Senki, but still, it would be good to wait for the official announcement by the publisher itself.

The countdown will end on January 19, when the new issue of Famitsu will arrive at the newsstands. At the end of the week, we will certainly know more about this mysterious project.